Explore the first Mythik release!

Currently, there are 5 core archetypes developed that will appear in the first release: Olympian Gods, Heavenly Pharaohs, Mongol Horde of the Khan, Sengoku Samurai, and SPQR.

In addition to the major archetypes, there are numerous other mini-archetypes such as the Mermaidens, Shadow Princes, and Treacherous beasts. These archetypes are not enough to complete an entire deck, but can provide important strategic advantages when combined with the core archetypes.

In total, the first release will consist of over 200 unique cards split between two starter decks and a booster box.

Scroll down to see the core cards for each of the major archetypes in the first release. Of course there are many more generic cards and cards belonging to mini-archetypes in addition to the core archetypes.

Heavenly Pharaoh Core

Olympian God Core

Mongol Core


Sengoku Samurai Core

Norse God Core

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Three Kingdoms Core

***Coming Soon***

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