Mythik TCG is a strategic card game played between two and four players, each with their own deck of collectible Mythik cards.

As a new player, the best way to start learning is to play with one of our Mythik Starter Deck sets. These are pre-built decks that allow you to jump right in to play immediately. Using a Starter Deck will help you learn how the cards work individually and also how they work with each other, both within an archetype and across different archetypes. The more you play and become familiar with the cards, you will start to learn powerful card combos and begin to develop your winning strategy.

When you feel you have gathered enough knowledge and experience to build your own deck, you can gather the cards you need through the Mythik Booster Boxes. Booster boxes generally carry the rarest and most powerful cards, which will help you develop a deck that is fun to play and hopefully wins consistently.

Intro to Mythik TCG by the legendary St. James

How to Win

A player wins the game by reducing all other opponents’ Heartbeats to zero. Heartbeats are reduced through Battle Damage or Power Damage, which we’ll get into later.

Official Rules

Learn to play Mythik for free on Tabletop Simulator!

Check out the Deck Builder discord channel to hear about the best card combos and deck builds!

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